My name is Henry Zou. I was born in Guang Zhou China.At the age of 5, I came to canada. I am a canadian citizen. I graduated Ryerson University 2020 summer with major in computer enginneering and minor in computer science. I enjoy reading novels, ping pong, watch TV series and video games. My favourite TV show as of late is the Office (US), community, and how I met your mother.

My first experience with programming was when I was in grade 9 and I modded one of the games I was playing. My first programming course was in grade 10 and was on a turing and throughout grade 11 and 12 learned Java. In University, I took a bachelor's of computer enginneering. Computer enginneering was mainly focused on low level programming languages such as C, computer systems and architecture. In my minor in computer science, I learned more programming techniques such as pattern matching. I was able to expand my repertoire of programming languages to includes languages such as python, HTML, and CSS. I was also exposed to other paradigms of such as functional programming other languages such as haskell and elixir. My favourite type of language to write in is an object oriented language such as Java, or python because of their extensive API.

Contact Me

Email : ypzou@ryerson.ca
Phone Number: 647-510-2896