Henry Website
I'm Henry Zou.
A Software Developer
based in Toronto.
I am a versatile software developer who has worked with variety of technology and always has positive attitude.
work experience

Companies I have worked in the past.


FDM Group, Software Developer
I was a Java developer for FDM Group. I was a technical team lead for their ticketing consultant portal. I set priority for the jira story backlog, write and refine stories. I would do code reviews, troubleshoot bugs and write code to complete my user story. Biweekly, I would lead the code merge meeting for the team and would present to stakeholders a demonstrations of new features after every sprint.


TD Bank, Mainframe developer
I was a mainframe developer for TD Bank. I was apart of their L2 application support team for TD's CORE Products. I troubleshoot production applications incidents and complete service request such as finanical history extract, account statement inquiry, compound interest statement. I have resolved 143 incidents and 184 service request within TD's service level argreement.


Hatchways, Software developer
I was a software developer intern for Hatchways. I completed new feature for their webcrawler project which would crawl through reddit for information about a company.